Snowmobile Boots / Socks for Men

Find the snowmobile boots that matches your riding style. 2020 snowmobile boots arriving daily!

About Snowmobile Boots / Socks for Men

Don't let snowmobile boots be to blame for your freezing feet and slowing you down. Because of the location of your feet in comparison to your heart, they are often the first thing to get cold. Heat exchangers can help but not nearly enough. The most impactful protection for your feet is going to come from your snowmobile boots. Which is why at Skidoo Outlet we carry only the best and warmest snowmobile boots. Ride longer with nice and warm feet with help from our snowmobile boots. There are certain aspects of snowmobile boots that sets them apart from your ordinary boots. Top brands like Ski-Doo, Klim, FXR, have perfected the construction and style aspects that are responsible for a warm and protective pair of boots for snowmobiling.

Snowmobile Boot Features

Gore-Tex® is a waterproof and breathable material that works to remove the buildup perspiration from your feet while at the same time protecting your feet from any outside moisture. Furthermore, combining this with the latest insulation and sealed seams, will keep your feet warm in all conditions. If you're riding in terrible conditions, be sure the cold rating will be low enough. Many of our best snowmobile boots are rated for temperatures well below zero. Another factor of great snowmobile boots that we can't forget is protection. Boots that are made for snowmobiling have extra reinforcement in the ankle and can have additional cushioning for your toes and heels. Reinforced toe and heel kicks help resist wearing and tearing and allow ice to easily be removed from the tread. Stay connected to your running boards at all times with anti-slip soles. Expect only the best snowmobile gear from Skidoo Outlet and amazing service from our team.

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