Snowmobile Pants / Bibs for Men

Find the snowmobile pants that matches your riding style. 2020 snowmobile pants arriving daily.

About Snowmobile Pants / Bibs for Men


Snowmobile Pants & Bibs

Your snowmobile pants need to be dependable. You shouldn't have to worry about your legs getting wet and cold while you're blasting through the snow. When you choose from Skidoo Outlet's amazing selection of snowmobile pants and bibs, the only thing you'll have to worry about is which trail your riding to next. We carry pants and bibs from all the top brands like Ski-Doo, FXR, Klim and more. With a variety of styles available, you will have no problem finding a pair that best fits you and your riding style. Complete your kit with our matching snowmobile jackets.

Snowmobile Pants VS Snowmobile Bibs

Choosing between bibs and pants mostly comes down to personal preference, so here's what you'll need to know.

Snowmobile Pants Features

Snowmobile pants are an excellent option for more active riders. They allow the greatest range of motion around the waist, making it easier for all riders to move around on the sled. Suspenders are available with some pairs.

Snowmobile Bibs Features

Snowmobile bibs add more warmth with the added material covering your midsection and lower back. Also, the suspenders add another level of security to keep your snowmobile bibs in place. The same important features for jackets go for pants and bibs as well. Try your best to match the amount of venting and insulation to your level of activity as a rider. Waterproof breathable materials like Gore-Tex® help to keep you warm and dry.

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