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While you may not be able to move mountains, you can scale them with skill using avalanche gear from Ski-Doo. Our comprehensive selection of snowmobile avalanche equipment, avalanche airbags, and avalanche safety kits were designed to help outdoor enthusiasts stay safe on the trail, whether you’re climbing Everest or the Andes. Security Packs Our snowmobile avalanche gear includes a wide selection of avalanche backpacks so you can be prepared for emergency situations in extreme conditions. Altitude backpacks are equipped with essential features, such as: • Airbag systems • Ergonomic straps • Removable tool pouches • Straps to hold accessories • Storage compartments • Easy access pockets • Circulation channels for back • Board carriers • Hydration systems • And more As you climb higher, these packs help you prevent sickness, dehydration, and discomfort injuries. Easily access water and food and be prepared for avalanches using advanced engineering. Packs with airbags are proven to improve avalanche survival rate, helping hikers return to the surface easier. High Climbing Tools For hikers intending to scale high peaks, climbing tools are essential. Browse our selection of avalanche safety gear to find the tools you need for disaster preparedness, including: • Shovels • Picks • Probes • Saws • Air cylinders These avalanche safety tools are designed to be lightweight and compact for carrying on steep slopes. With ergonomic handles, they are easily gripped and less likely to slip in crucial moments. Climbing Gadgets Communicate with your camp using safe and proven satellite technology. Ski-Doo carries the hiking gadgets you need on the trail to track progress and signal an emergency. Our selection includes: • Slope meters – To gauge the intensity of the peak you are scaling and track your speed • Tracker beacons – To broadcast your location and transmit data to search parties • Beacon checkers – Check the function of all tracker beacons using kHz technology When hiking in extreme conditions, anything can happen. Using the latest technology, your team can maintain communication and location awareness. Warming in Extreme Temperatures Snow and temperatures are part of the adventure. Without the right tools, your body may be subject to extreme temperatures. Browse our selection of warming tools, including hand warmers and emergency bivvys. We only carry brand-name items proven to conserve maximum body heat, so you are protected on the trail. Order Online Today! Ski-Doo is your online resource for outdoor safety equipment. Before your next high climbing adventure, equip your team with what they need to maximize safety.

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